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Meet the Photographer

Hi there. My Name is Olivia and I am a 22 - year old Photographer. My passion for aesthetic developed really early, so did my curiosity for art and photography. Especially the woman's body is often used as my inspiration. 

Next to my work as a photographer I study Interior Design in Detmold, Germany. This is why I also love to photograph Architecture, especially the Interior (obviously). 

I am really excited to work with you.

With love,



photographed by beyond_frames

What Clients Are Saying

I’m totally in love with olivia's work flow. The shooting was filled with creativity. I felt straight away comfortable  shooting together. Thank you for all the unique shootings & pictures ❤️


my inspiration

the woman's body 


It is so much more than beautiful. Often it tells wonderful stories of a strong and thoughtful soul. Every time I shoot with a woman I am shocked how the connection develops between us. Insecurities are been worked on and happiness is filling the heart. Boudoir - Photography is so much more than freezing a moment. It shows the women's strength. Their ability to turn everything to the good is what I want to show.

© 2021 by Olivia Engemann

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